Although PR practitioners and the media are both after the same goal, making a story, their sincerity is different. Practitioners’ job is to protect their client in every way possible and show them in the best light possible. If someone gets into a sticky situation such as committing a crime, the media will spill whatever information they can get their hands on. Practitioners will do their best to clean up the situation to save the reputation of a client because that is their job. Both groups want to entertain their readers and viewers as well as expanding the audiences that respect them. Both work together to achieve these goals in the sense that PR practitioners use the media to convey the things that they want the public to see. The media would have a lot less things to air or write without practitioners feeding them stories. Often the News or media outlets get information in addition to the things practitioners are giving, so together through this relationship, the story is formulated and edited into the perfect headline.

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