Have you ever been told or asked to do something that you were unsure of? Did you think to yourself would I look back on this decision and be proud of it?

There are times when your decision could affect things like your job or your clients’ reputation. What makes something ethical or unethical is the gut feeling you get when deciphering the options. You know exactly in your mind whether something is right or wrong. On the business side of things, something is unethical if someone on the receiving side is in danger or could be negatively effected.

If more cons come out of the action than pros, then this is when the ethics question comes into play. If the likelihood that more people would be negatively affected than positively affected, we must hold back on doing something. There are rules and regulations in business but in PR, there is no handbook containing all the things you can and can’t do. Your limits are in your head. This is when you need to include your own morals and consider your clients’ position and opinion.