PR practitioners can use many different tools to get messages to the public. Social media is the first to pop into your head most likely. With social media, people can do things such as comment, reply and share your media. This gives the practitioner instant feedback as well as let you know what kind of audience you are reaching. This way you can change and edit your media posts immediately and communicate with clients and their customers. On the other end you have newspapers and this goes through editors and lots of configuring (which takes time) and the feedback won’t come back clearly and as honestly as it would on social media. Newspapers only reach so far but online can reach millions of people. Social media has recreated public relations by being able to engage with readers although newspapers still have relevance in the field. There is a large chunk of people that don’t have social media that read newspapers. Before you think that newspapers are going extinct, stop and think what age group you are intending to reach. As far as publishing campaigns and ads go, the “old fashioned” daily paper is still vital in this country.