Research, to a PR practitioner isn’t just what google is to us. The reasoning behind it is what helps the practitioner to understand the client. The needs of the public are then understood and planning becomes easier- the more you know.

“Research is used in virtually every phase of a communications program”

Ways that practitioners use research includes but is not limited to: achieving credibility, defining audiences and segment publics, formulating strategies, testing messages, helping management keep in touch, preventing crises, monitoring competition, swaying public opinions, generating publicity and last of all measuring the success.

Research can be collected by interviews, surveys, focus groups, random sampling and more. Its the groundwork of any PR program and it involves much more than you think.

Types of research include qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research helps one gain insight on individuals’ behavior and what influences one’s choices. Quantitative research is more of a statistical analysis and is easier to collect. Google would be considered secondary, this search engine allows everyone to access the information that was already researched and is displayed for all interested.