PR is FUN because social media is a huge part of the business world today. No matter the business, people are taking steps towards more and more technology. Brainstorming is a huge part of Public Relations. For example, thinking of new ways for every aspect of the company. Im always striving to think out of the box so this job fits me.

In PR, meeting and talking to new people is a huge chunk of what this job entitles. With the often switch of clients, you are promised a very busy social schedule. This keeps the job interesting and fun. You also learn a lot about yourself and how you cope with different people.

PR is CHALLENGING because people will always question what you’re putting into your job. You’ll do a lot of extra work trying to justify your doings. Many will appreciate your work and many will question.

Measuring the impact of the message is difficult. There are many channels that businesses are using now and gathering your results are a lot harder than you think. Surveys can be used but not many people take part in them, making your hard work look useless.

All of the different channels could be a good thing and it can be a bad thing because keeping up with all the new social media that the young target audience are using can be a challenge.