My dream job would be working for Savannah Bee Company. After being visited by the Assistant president, I learned nothing but amazing things about the business. I have always known that I wanted to work in house no matter what because I felt that I tend to stick with the same people and things. I like to think of myself as a people person and I have held the same job through college so I like to say that I am loyal also. Ted, the CEO and President¬†has been making honey and working with bees since he was 13 years old. He founded the company in 1999 in Savannah Georgia. His number one priority is telling the world about bees and the benefits of keeping them a part of our planet. The meaning behind the business is a lot more than just selling jars of honey. Savannah Bee Company started a project called “The Bee Cause Project” and this non-profit plan works with elementary schools to get bee hives placed right into the classrooms to educate kids about bees in our ecosystem. In order to land this job, I will include references that are aware of my loyal work ethic to make myself stand out from the rest in a business that was built on loyalty. Another way I plan on standing out is to intern as much as I am allowed. I believe experience is key and being put in situations makes you learn the best way. Lastly, I believe in telling nothing but the truth because if an employer sees first that you are an honest person, it says a lot about your work ethic and values. Right now I am working and looking for the best possible internships that will give me a leg up in this industry and will help me find exactly what I want to do post-graduation!