If I were to Host a dinner party I would Invite: The first to come to mind is the one and only Shania Twain~ because she’s been my #1 click on iTunes since day one. Shania’s music is my mom and I’s “thing”. Shania began her career at the bottom and I strive to turn around and tell a similar story one day! My mom~ because I couldn’t invite shania with out her #2 fan, duh. I would invite my mom because no matter what, she has been my biggest supporter and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her faith in me. Beyonce~ because I look up to her confidence and respect the impact she has made in the lives of women (and because what girl wouldn’t want to meet the queen?) Jennifer Anniston- F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been my favorite part of the day since I was a little girl. Steve Jobs ~I think he’d be able to motivate me not to ever give up on anything and how handwork pays off. Simone Biles~ as a former Gymnast, eating a meal with the greatest one ever would make my life. Simone is the epitome of determination and self discipline.  Amy Schumer~Who wouldn’t want a good laugh with dinner? Ellen Degeneres~ She inspires me to give no matter what I have; always give. The Ellen show reminds me that there are still really generous celebrities out there. Rupi Kaur, my favorite poet would be on the list because I want to learn the process of her writing because writing is my passion, too. Last but not least, I’d send an invitation to my best friend! How could I meet all of my idols without her?

The conversations would revolve around how everyone got to where they are today, the doubts they had, what motivated them, what they wish they did at my age etc. We would eat my mom’s famous chicken and stuffing with her key lime pie for dessert because that’s my favorite meal. The dinner would be on the beach in Greece because I’ve wanted to visit my whole life!