If money weren’t an issue, I would pack a bag and head to Santorini beach in Greece! Ever since I watched the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” as a little girl, Greece has always been my #1 travel destination dream! Something about the way that the houses sit on the coast and the the view the royal blue ocean makes me want to visit! Ive never seen a volcano in real life so that definitely would be the first day adventure. Next, I would ask the locals what the staple foods are in Greece and I would try as many as I could fit in my stomach. The best part of traveling to a new place is trying the new food. If I could bring anyone, it would be my best friends. Traveling with them makes the whole experience 100 x better! Having those memories with friends are memories that are hard to forget.

When reading the list “21 things every traveler wished they owned“, there were some things that I agree with and some, not so much. I think that #2-the chalk map would be really cool to have in your room to remind you to get away and would inspire you to save money to travel to more places. #13- the hooded travel pillow is something that hits home for me because I always sleep on planes but always wake up with an achey neck. This would definitely be on my list! #9- the state necklace is the last thing on the list that i’d purchase but it would be a conversation piece with people about your home state! #15- the high def camera lens is one of my favorite additions to the list because I always wish that I had a nice camera to capture the best possible pictures. Something that I would add to the list would be the newest, most comfortable shoes because when traveling, you want to make sure that your feet can keep up with all of the sight seeing!