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Story 2

Made by Hand


By: Madeline England

October 17, 2017


Fourteen hundred and eighty sausage rolls sold on Saturday of homecoming football weekend at Statesboro’s favorite breakfast diner, Daylight Donuts.


You can smell the warm, fresh smell of Donuts on South Main Mondays through Saturdays 5a.m to 3p.m. The fresh roasted coffee under the electric blue roof welcomes out-of-towners as it sits about a mile in front of downtown sandwiched by Knights Inn and Stiles Inn.


The locally owned breakfast hot spot opens its doors in the early hours of the day but the day’s preparations are well underway at 12a.m. The early work is key as the freshness of the baked goods is what separates Daylight from Statesboro competitors.


“What I’m most proud of is the customers, they are so loyal. This place wouldn’t be what it is without them and for that, I’m thankful”, Randy Linto, part owner of Daylight Donuts said with his arms resting on the back of the booth and his legs propped up.


Customers range from college students to local families that have been returning since the diner opened in 1991. Everything in the restaurant remains the same since opening nearly 26 years ago. The wooden walls and booths and the same mom-and-pop feel still remains. On the back wall is a glass case that showcases the glazed donuts of all different kind of flavors. Linto mentioned that the donuts are all different shapes because “that’s what happens when you hand make things, they don’t look alike, that’s when you can believe a donut is going to be tasty”.


The restaurant has a drive through but you can find cars backed up to the street on weekend mornings.


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Daylight is the same since it opened in Statesboro but the people love it”, Wayne Miller, the former owner’s brother and current restaurant electrician said. “Randy takes on a lot of stress, it takes more than you think to run that place, but he does it because he loves the customers”.


Daylight was formerly owned by linto’s wife, who recently lost the fight to cancer in 2015. Randy’s motto remains, the customer is the most important thing above anything else. “If someone is calling on the phone and I have a customer at the counter, I’m going to help the person in my store because it means a lot that they took time out of their day to come in”. The employees greet every customer with a warm smile, Linto believes this to be the most important key in the restaurant business.


A wholesale company approached Linto in 2011 as they offered him a pretty price to supply Daylight with frozen donuts. This would indeed make his life easier, no more early mornings and countless hours of labor, but he turned down the offer because no one in Statesboro makes donuts like Daylight. The restaurant and its employees are most proud of the way the dough rises, making the donut “thick and fluffy”, not airy, like other donuts are rumored to be.


Founded in 1954, Daylight Donuts is a franchise but every blue roof is independently owned. All business owners are free to keep all profit earned in the store. This means it is up to the owner to stick to whatever recipe they choose. Statesboro’s location sticks to their secret flour. There are nearly one thousand retail stores and 35 opening every year.


When he’s not making donuts, you can find Randy cruising around Statesboro in his lit up dune buggy. He gives rides to children with cancer in Savannah at St.Josephs when he is able. Daylight is involved in many charity organizations.


With the Blue Mile underway, Daylight Donuts will participate in the remodel as soon as given the go ahead. With the population of the town growing and increase in business, you can expect a whole new look of the diner, according to Randy Linto.


“I’ve been eating Daylight’s donuts since I was little, the Lintos have seen me grow up. These donuts trump Krispy Kreme’s, you can tell they’re are fresh”, local, Alex Kennon said.


Statesboro is awaiting the remodel in hopes that the restaurant doesn’t lose its at- home, cozy family feel.











Story 1

The man in the balloon


By: Madeline England

September 25, 2017


“This ride’s going to be cut short today guys so were going to land soon”, Cameron said to me while 500 feet up in the air.


We slowly drifted down close to an interstate and I thought surely we wouldn’t land on the highway. We neared a tree that Arthur pointed out to the pilot, Cameron. He responded laughing, “I was hoping we’d hit it and we’d slow down”. Sure enough, the basket tipped off the guardrail and the balloon was absolutely landing on the interstate. Thankfully at 7 am traffic was light so cars slowed to go around the hot air balloon.


Meet Cameron, who spends his weekends flying hot air balloons with his 5 year old twin daughters and spends his weekdays maintaining Georgia Southern’s campus and doing standup comedy in downtown Statesboro. At 34, Cameron has seen more places than many do in their lifetime including three tours across seas being in the military.


Earlier that morning, prior to the unplanned landing, we agreed to meet at IHOP before sunrise where I would meet the crew and load up in the van to drive to the field where we would later take off.


I was greeted by two blonde, cheerful little girls in their matching outfits playing with their dolls in the parking lot. It was still pitch black outside and I was shocked at the energy the two had so early in the morning.


Cameron had told me earlier in the week that he’d be flying early Saturday if I had wanted to come watch the take off, I gladly agreed. Little did I know, there was going to be room for me in the balloon that chilly morning.


“Looks like there’s gonna be room for you Maddie, you feel like goin up today?”, Cameron asked me. I couldn’t grab the pen and safety agreement fast enough. I’d dreamed of being in a hot air balloon. I hopped in the front seat while the girls and two of Cameron’s flight assistants were in the back of the van. “There’s breakfast for ya, help yourself” Cameron said, pointing at the box of Daylight Donuts box on the dash. I appreciated the hospitality and said no thanks.


We pulled up to an empty field. We piled out of the van and the crew unloaded the big sack of nylon that would soon hold us hundreds of feet in the air.


“Put on these gloves…now hold the ropes up until the air fills”


The grass was dewy and the fog lay over the freshly mowed grass like a light blanket. The sun was peaking over the trees and I’m suddenly wishing I brought a jacket. Before long, the sun would be up so that thought didn’t last long.


“When I turn on the propane, the balloon will lift up so as it does, run back to the basket and put all of your weight on it so it stays on the ground”, Cameron directed me.


While waiting I got to hang with the twins and asked if they liked ballooning, they smiled and looked at each other and giggled. One timidly answered, “Yeah, daddy does this a lot he lets us bring our dollies.”


I had never been this close to a hot air balloon let alone gotten to ride in one. So much goes into the process of getting one off the ground, I had no idea.


“Adelene and Arabella, you stay in the car and I’ll see you when I land, you girls can’t ride today there’s no room”, he shouted to his girls playing in the van. They play with their dolls not phased by the loud noise of the fire shooting into the massive balloon.


We take off, slow at first then speeding up into the chilly morning air. “You will feel a little uneasy the first five minutes but you’ll get acclimated” Cameron said to his fellow crewmember, Arthur, who also had never been the one in the balloon, and me.


The sun was glistening through the fog and you could see the tops of trees for miles and miles. It was silent up there, just you and the crisp morning sky.


All was seemingly well until Cameron noticed the propane leaking down off of the burner pipe. I did not know this until later because Cameron stayed completely calm and collected. We then dropped slowly, making our way to the interstate where we would wrap up the short-lived flight.


I asked if that had happened before, the emergency landing, he said that it was only his second time having to cut a trip short because he felt uneasy flying with only one propane tank. I was shocked at how calm he stayed during the landing, being that the balloon ride could have easily ended in an “on board fire”, he mentioned.


Ballooning runs in Cameron’s family, as he is a second-generation balloon pilot. His father flew on the weekends and he rode along even when he’d rather be watching cartoons in bed on Saturday mornings. He didn’t know at the time how cool his dad’s job was.


Ballooning hasn’t always been Cameron’s main focus or hobby. We took a walk down memory lane into his previous military days.


Joining the air force was no tough decision for Cameron Jones. He had too much to drink, just like we all did on our twenty first birthday but that didn’t stop him from jumping on a one-way flight to South Korea to join the air force. When stationed in the dangerous country at the time, members of the military came alone, no family, just you and your new family, your air force group. There was no choice but to become each other’s rock.


Having never traveled before, a trip across the world will sure rock your world. “I had never been further than the Mississippi river, I was just a good ole Georgia Boy getting on an airplane”, Cameron said.


Seoul Airport is among the biggest and busiest airports in the world. Suddenly he remembered how small he really was. Trying to find any sign in English or an English speaking person was harder than he thought. Luckily, the first person to understand him was willing to show him quite the time in downtown, South Korea.


Lost with tears in his eyes, this man made it a mission to get this young boy to his base, but before he could do that, a hangover and 24 hours without sleep wasn’t an excuse not to have a few more drinks in his new foreign city. Cameron is not the one to turn down a good time, ever. The word alcohol may sound different in a different language, but it sure does taste the same, he thought.


The world was his playground. Addicted to travel, Cameron let the air force locate him wherever he was needed. Without a wife and kids at the time, exploring the world he felt responsible as he was fighting for the homeland. Places like Japan, Kuwait, Hawaii, Denver, the Philippines, Marshall Islands, Alaska and more were places Cameron called home.


Birds of a feather flock together, you get to know someone by who they spend their time with. When in the van on the way home from ballooning I got a glimpse of what Cameron was before his ballooning business and children.


“Cameron and I have quite a history, I met him at a balloon festival in Arizona. We would wake up at dusk, get the balloon up and go to concerts all day, drink till we couldn’t anymore and do drugs all through the night, get a couple hours of sleep and wake up and do it all again”, Arthur told me about their crazy days before business took off. He and Cameron started off partying together, now they’re close-knit coworkers.


In the midst of all the adventure, Cameron flew home to bury his mother who passed from cancer in 2003 after years of suffering from terminal cancer. Family still remains a huge part of his life, it was obvious in the small amount of time I visited how much the girls love their daddy and his jokes. I could tell from the way his face lights up when he talks about them that they have a special bond, like 3 peas in a pod.


Days in the military came to a close and Cameron began to get closer with nature. He worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, 12 hours a day in the sun in a 30-foot fiberglass boat “It will humble you… very quickly”. While in Alaska, hitchhiking became his favorite hobby. “Hitchhiking is the most fascinating things to me, it’s the coolest thing to bum a ride from people you don’t know”. Meeting new people was an experience as he stood on the side of the road with a sign reading, “Will trade salmon for ride”.


“I am what I am and that’s all that I am, I’m a character”, Cameron tells me, shrugging his shoulders with a grin on his face.


“If I could describe Cameron in one word, it’d be eccentric”, Casey Rohlen told me. You can find Casey and Cameron making tons of people laugh every Wednesday at comedy night.


Cameron hates fitting in; his sense of humor, fashion and demeanor is goofy and he wouldn’t prefer it any other way.


I asked Cameron if he had any regrets and his response was “Marriage”. He’s never been a person to tie down; literally, he spends his favorite days in the air. Looking back, he’s called countless places home but he’s back where it all started, Statesboro, Georgia.


He ended our interview with this, “I’ve been around the world a few times, I love Statesboro… its home to me… it’s in my bones. It grounds me.”


Sometimes you don’t realize all the adventure you need is right in your backyard.


Cameron Jones, a man that thought he needed to see the world for adventure comes home and lives his adventure.






Who inspires me?

The first to come to mind when I am asked that question is my mom. She is an inspiration in my life because she puts 100% into everything she does. This is her 23rd year teaching elementary kids and she wakes up every day with so much drive. She strives to make a big difference in every one of her students’ lives. Not only does she work so hard at work but she comes home to my autistic brother and husband and no matter the day she has, puts the most delicious meal on the table. Nothing brings her down, ever. She loves with all of her heart and can make your worst day, your best. She gives and she gives all she has. She manages to give to me when she has nothing to give. I try to be more like my mom every day and hope that one day I can look back and see that I have made the same impact on people just as my mom has.

I think I inspire some of my friends (at least I hope) I try to be the best christian every day. I try to be nice to people even if they don’t deserve it (to a fault). I aim to inspire people to treat others as Jesus does, without judgement. I pride myself on my ability to talk to strangers (Got it from my mom~ she can make friends with a wall). Shyness was something I overgrew very young and I am so thankful for that. Seems like I’ve chosen the right major! 🙂

Travel Wishes

If money weren’t an issue, I would pack a bag and head to Santorini beach in Greece! Ever since I watched the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” as a little girl, Greece has always been my #1 travel destination dream! Something about the way that the houses sit on the coast and the the view the royal blue ocean makes me want to visit! Ive never seen a volcano in real life so that definitely would be the first day adventure. Next, I would ask the locals what the staple foods are in Greece and I would try as many as I could fit in my stomach. The best part of traveling to a new place is trying the new food. If I could bring anyone, it would be my best friends. Traveling with them makes the whole experience 100 x better! Having those memories with friends are memories that are hard to forget.

When reading the list “21 things every traveler wished they owned“, there were some things that I agree with and some, not so much. I think that #2-the chalk map would be really cool to have in your room to remind you to get away and would inspire you to save money to travel to more places. #13- the hooded travel pillow is something that hits home for me because I always sleep on planes but always wake up with an achey neck. This would definitely be on my list! #9- the state necklace is the last thing on the list that i’d purchase but it would be a conversation piece with people about your home state! #15- the high def camera lens is one of my favorite additions to the list because I always wish that I had a nice camera to capture the best possible pictures. Something that I would add to the list would be the newest, most comfortable shoes because when traveling, you want to make sure that your feet can keep up with all of the sight seeing!

Dinner Party & Guests

If I were to Host a dinner party I would Invite: The first to come to mind is the one and only Shania Twain~ because she’s been my #1 click on iTunes since day one. Shania’s music is my mom and I’s “thing”. Shania began her career at the bottom and I strive to turn around and tell a similar story one day! My mom~ because I couldn’t invite shania with out her #2 fan, duh. I would invite my mom because no matter what, she has been my biggest supporter and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her faith in me. Beyonce~ because I look up to her confidence and respect the impact she has made in the lives of women (and because what girl wouldn’t want to meet the queen?) Jennifer Anniston- F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been my favorite part of the day since I was a little girl. Steve Jobs ~I think he’d be able to motivate me not to ever give up on anything and how handwork pays off. Simone Biles~ as a former Gymnast, eating a meal with the greatest one ever would make my life. Simone is the epitome of determination and self discipline.  Amy Schumer~Who wouldn’t want a good laugh with dinner? Ellen Degeneres~ She inspires me to give no matter what I have; always give. The Ellen show reminds me that there are still really generous celebrities out there. Rupi Kaur, my favorite poet would be on the list because I want to learn the process of her writing because writing is my passion, too. Last but not least, I’d send an invitation to my best friend! How could I meet all of my idols without her?

The conversations would revolve around how everyone got to where they are today, the doubts they had, what motivated them, what they wish they did at my age etc. We would eat my mom’s famous chicken and stuffing with her key lime pie for dessert because that’s my favorite meal. The dinner would be on the beach in Greece because I’ve wanted to visit my whole life!

Dream Job

My dream job would be working for Savannah Bee Company. After being visited by the Assistant president, I learned nothing but amazing things about the business. I have always known that I wanted to work in house no matter what because I felt that I tend to stick with the same people and things. I like to think of myself as a people person and I have held the same job through college so I like to say that I am loyal also. Ted, the CEO and President has been making honey and working with bees since he was 13 years old. He founded the company in 1999 in Savannah Georgia. His number one priority is telling the world about bees and the benefits of keeping them a part of our planet. The meaning behind the business is a lot more than just selling jars of honey. Savannah Bee Company started a project called “The Bee Cause Project” and this non-profit plan works with elementary schools to get bee hives placed right into the classrooms to educate kids about bees in our ecosystem. In order to land this job, I will include references that are aware of my loyal work ethic to make myself stand out from the rest in a business that was built on loyalty. Another way I plan on standing out is to intern as much as I am allowed. I believe experience is key and being put in situations makes you learn the best way. Lastly, I believe in telling nothing but the truth because if an employer sees first that you are an honest person, it says a lot about your work ethic and values. Right now I am working and looking for the best possible internships that will give me a leg up in this industry and will help me find exactly what I want to do post-graduation!

Communication & Emergency

Why is clear communication important in times of crisis and emergency?

When there is a storm, a hurricane, or any natural disaster what is going to be on the television everywhere you go? You got it, the news. When people are in danger or want to know if they’re in danger, the first place you’re going to look is on the news channel. Communication saves lives. The difference between life and death can often depend on communication. Clear communication can calm someone in a panic or feeling uneasy. Stating what is being done about the situation can also put minds at ease. People deserve to know what is going on in the world and how to avoid dangerous situations. Misinforming can also lead to further worry and fear. This is why it is so important to be clear when informing the people, whoever your audience may be.

PR is fun, yet challenging, career field because…

PR is FUN because social media is a huge part of the business world today. No matter the business, people are taking steps towards more and more technology. Brainstorming is a huge part of Public Relations. For example, thinking of new ways for every aspect of the company. Im always striving to think out of the box so this job fits me.

In PR, meeting and talking to new people is a huge chunk of what this job entitles. With the often switch of clients, you are promised a very busy social schedule. This keeps the job interesting and fun. You also learn a lot about yourself and how you cope with different people.

PR is CHALLENGING because people will always question what you’re putting into your job. You’ll do a lot of extra work trying to justify your doings. Many will appreciate your work and many will question.

Measuring the impact of the message is difficult. There are many channels that businesses are using now and gathering your results are a lot harder than you think. Surveys can be used but not many people take part in them, making your hard work look useless.

All of the different channels could be a good thing and it can be a bad thing because keeping up with all the new social media that the young target audience are using can be a challenge.


Research, to a PR practitioner isn’t just what google is to us. The reasoning behind it is what helps the practitioner to understand the client. The needs of the public are then understood and planning becomes easier- the more you know.

“Research is used in virtually every phase of a communications program”

Ways that practitioners use research includes but is not limited to: achieving credibility, defining audiences and segment publics, formulating strategies, testing messages, helping management keep in touch, preventing crises, monitoring competition, swaying public opinions, generating publicity and last of all measuring the success.

Research can be collected by interviews, surveys, focus groups, random sampling and more. Its the groundwork of any PR program and it involves much more than you think.

Types of research include qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research helps one gain insight on individuals’ behavior and what influences one’s choices. Quantitative research is more of a statistical analysis and is easier to collect. Google would be considered secondary, this search engine allows everyone to access the information that was already researched and is displayed for all interested.




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